Mother’s Sayings 1-25

January 29, 2008

Mother Gabriel

The Sayings (1-25)

From: Mother Gabriel, The Ascetic of Love, by Sister Gabriel, publisher

1. Any place may become a place of Resurrection, if the Humility of
Christ becomes the way of our life.

2. You may sleep, as long as you are in a state of watchfulness.

3. There are some who stay awake for a few, and some who stay awake for

4. Orthodox spirituality is knowledge acquired through suffering rather
than through learning.

5. Do not wish for many things, whether they are within or out of
reach. Instead, take care to sanctify the little you have.

6. To learn how to love God: this is the one and only Education.

7. There is nothing cheaper than money.

8. Better Hell in this world than in the other.

9. It is not what we say, but what we live. It is not what we do, but
what we are.

10. I put on the Rasson (Monastic habit) and do not speak unless I am
asked. The Rasson speaks.

11. If you have love for all the world, the whole world is beautiful.

12. Someone said that a Christian is he who purifies love and
sanctifies work.

15. Our purpose should be to have the Paraclete* in our heart, even
when we have the… Parasite in our head.

16. We become a reflection of Heaven by saying: ‘Thy will be done on
Earth as it is in Heaven’.

17. He who loves is not aware of it, as he is not aware of his own

18. When doors are open in Heaven, they are also open on Earth.

19. When the mind is not distracted by worldly matters and remains
united to God, then even the ‘Good day’ that we say becomes a blessing.

20. By saying ‘no’ and by refusing, we forfeit our purpose.

21. We must not ‘exist’ in the presence of the other person, who is
God’s ‘image and likeness’.

22. In the early steps of our life we need the presence of someone we
love. As we advance, the One, God, fills us with His Love and Joy so
much that we no longer need anyone. The soul does this at the beginning
because she does not know yet Whom she loves, and thinks it is this or
that person.

23. Many times what God expects from us is the intention rather than
the act itself. Our readiness to follow His Commandment is enough for

24. Jesus Christ gave us the golden mean: both alone and with others.

25. When God created us, He gave us Life and breathed His Spirit into
us. This Spirit is Love. When love deserts us, we become as dead as
corpses. We are not alive any more.


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