Prayer of Saint Ephraim

January 27, 2008

The Prayer of Saint Ephraim was the first orthodox prayer in
my daily prayers to gel with me. I found a refreshing view
point that I am a sinner that was lacking the last several years from
my spiritual life. It modern PC Christianinty we hear that God is not
mad at us which of course is true, but we need accountability in our
lives. We are always in need of where to turn next to develop a holier
life. There was no understanding of what to do after the prayer to ask
Jesus into our lives. I keep thinking of the story of the rich young
ruler. What must I do to be saved? When we ask Christ this question, we
also get answers, and like the rich young ruler we have to count the
cost. We are made to grow in the image of God. This prayer helps keep
me centered. Although traditionally it is a lenten prayer, it was
incorporated into the evening prayers of my first Orthodox Prayerbook.
It hits me everytime when I read and pray it. It gives me areas to work
on and virtues to strive for. I hope you enjoy.

Prayer of Saint Ephraim

O Lord and Master of my life,
Grant not unto me a spirit of idleness,
of discouragement,
of lust for power,
and of vain speaking.

But bestow upon me, Thy servant,
the spirit of chastity,
of meekness,
of patience,
and of love.

Yea, O Lord and King,
grant that I may perceive
my own transgressions,
and judge not my brother,
for blessed art Thou
unto ages of ages.


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